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Vincent Wilmot

a Dublin wartime Irishman

Born in Dublin Ireland in 1942, I was brought up in a small house which then was on a large West Cabra estate at 120 Faussagh Road by Alice Walker a hard-working widow with 5 other children and a 6th had died shortly before. For my early years I was Vincent Walker, and Alice Walker […]

The Attraction Theory of gravity and other physical forces

Signal-response action-at-distance physics.

Though now ignored by physics, in England most non-physicists still think of the correct explanation of Gravity as being that all bodies attract each other.This Attraction Theory of Gravity is basically that all bodies emit some gravity signals which other bodies respond to by moving themselves towards the source of the signals. Attraction physics is […]

La Théorie d’Attraction de Gravité et d’autres forces.

Sur la Théorie d'Attraction de gravité et d'autres forces, en considérant les idées de Guillaume Gilbert, Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Johannes Kepler et Albert Einstein.

La Théorie d’Attraction de gravité. Bien que longtemps ignoré par la physique, la plupart des non-physiciens pensent toujours à l’explication correcte de Gravité comme étant que tous les corps s’attirent. La Théorie d’Attraction de Gravité est fondamentalement que tous les corps émettent quelques signaux de gravité que d’autres corps répondent à en se déplaçant vers […]